About The Organiser

I am Rebecca Turner, I moved to Staveley with my partner and daughter just before the birth of our son in July 2020.  We had our hearts set on living in Staveley not only due to the great location but also due to the amazing community spirit and were very excited when we had our offer on our home accepted!  Since moving here, Staveley has not disappointed and I wanted to contribute something back.  My friend Ingrid started the Tunbridge Wells Yard Sale a few years ago and I enjoyed attending the event so much I thought I Staveley would be the perfect place to run our own Yard Sale.  As well as raising funds for local causes (this years being the Staveley Playground Project) and giving people the opportunity to have a good clear out, i'm hoping the event will allow neighbours and locals to meet or catchup as they walk around, something we have not been able to do so much over the past few years.  I'm looking forward to meeting everyone who takes part!

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I am Ingrid Pope, a resident of Tunbridge Wells, who has a thing about de-cluttering and loves browsing around town. I believe that it is fantastic to have good ideas, but even better to actually do something about them and get involved! The Tunbridge Wells Yard Sale is a great way for me to create something fun and support the local community.

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In my line of work (www.creatingspacecoaching.co.uk), I see first-hand how having too much clutter can weigh people down. This event is a good way to get everyone motivated and start sorting out those cupboards, wardrobes, spare rooms, lofts, sheds, etc.

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Mangrove Studios (www.mangrovestudios.com) are the web superstars and have created this website for us, complete with event registration and map plotting.