About The Organiser

I am Ingrid Pope, a resident of Tunbridge Wells, who has a thing about de-cluttering and loves browsing around town. I believe that it is fantastic to have good ideas, but even better to actually do something about them and get involved! The Tunbridge Wells Yard Sale is a great way for me to create something fun and support the local community.

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In my line of work (www.creatingspacecoaching.co.uk), I see first-hand how having too much clutter can weigh people down. This event is a good way to get everyone motivated and start sorting out those cupboards, wardrobes, spare rooms, lofts, sheds, etc.

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Nick (@nick_pope) is the social media expert. His job is to get the word out there and promote the event. He’s doing this brilliantly!

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Mangrove Studios (www.mangrovestudios.com) are the web superstars and have created this website for us, complete with event registration and map plotting.